Do You Think You Are Paid Enough?

Are teachers paid enough?
Can you afford to live on your pay?

British teachers are not paid enough. It’s a universal point of view in every school I have ever worked in. Performance Related Pay will make things worse in the next few years.

When teachers have to resort to doing 20 hours of private tuition a week just to pay the mortgage, how can anyone think that teachers’ pay is high enough?

How much should we pay teachers? It’s a fraught question. The introduction of performance-related pay in England and Wales has transformed the pay structure for teaching staff. Instead of automatic increases each year linked to pay scales, there is only a minimum and maximum amount schools can pay.

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School Leadership Teams 19,000 Shortage in Next 5 Years

19000 shortage in school leaders
UK SLT recruitment crisis

When even the Mail Online reports that recruitment for school leadership positions is running with an impossible deficit, you know there is a real problem.

England could be facing a shortage of up to 19,000 school leaders by 2022 if action is not taken to plug the gap, it has been suggested.

Almost one in four schools across the country could be affected by a lack of headteachers, deputy heads and assistant heads, according to a report by three education leadership organisations.

It argues that an increase in pupil numbers and a rise in school leaders retiring and leaving the profession early along with increasing demand for senior staff to work at academy trusts means that more people are needed to step into top roles.

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Years of pretending there are no teaching recruitment and retention problems are coming home to roost.