The Importance of Keeping Things in Proportion

Angry teacher
Stop – It doesn’t matter so much

It is very easy when you have a bad day or a group of students who you cannot relate to, to lose the plot. Remember that your students won’t be stressing over it after they walk out the door, so neither should you.

Teaching is about people interacting with other, often younger, people. Any one person could be having a worse day than you could ever imagine. You don’t matter. What you have to communicate is irrelevant on days like that.

I remember how my belly twisted and turned when a student asked me to explain the different clauses and why there were so many. It was my first week and my first time I was in the teacher’s spotlight — the person who is meant to know all the answers. My mind was a black hole. I looked at my supervisor blankly. He stood up and took over. I sat down and wished I could throw up in the black bucket next to the white board. 

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